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Unsolicited testimonial from one subscriber …
“I had to write to tell you that Jim’s interview with Fred Yeats Part 1 was absolutely brilliant: gripping, appalling, heartbreaking, but also informative and thought-provoking. Fred is obviously very careful, conservative, thoughtful, a planner–in short, the last person you’d expect to be “caught out.” But the way he slowly and matter-of-factly took the listener through all the different mishaps, the so-gradually worsening conditions, and finally to the 60-foot waves and 120 mph winds. And that rescue! My GOD!! My pulse was racing as I listened to him describing their climb up the pilot ladder. I could only begin to imagine what it must have been like out there. Then to lose sight of the boat. THEN to have the coast guard spot it–and to not have the resources to go get it! I just finished reading Fatal Storm, about the tragic Sydney-to Hobart race, but Fred’s story touched me even more, I guess because of the solo nature of it; at least the racers knew there were lots of others caught out in the same conditions. Fred and his wife were all alone, which made it all the more horrifying.

The Conversations are the highlight of my week; I eagerly await each new download. Great listening for anyone with even a casual interest in sailing; for the small multihull sailor, absolutely priceless.”
— Ken Borgers

My fellow Multihuller,

Imagine walking into a local tavern, sitting down in a comfy booth and ordering a favorite beverage from the tap. And then, while casually looking around, you suddenly realized that multihull pioneer Jim Brown is gathered with some friends in the booth right next to you.

They’re talking about boats. Swapping stories. Sharing practical advice and tips. Having great, enthusiastic conversation about multihulls.

And then you recognize a few of those who are seated with him.

There is multihull guru Dick Newick. Boatbuilding entrepreneur Meade Gougeon. Long-time business partner, boat designer and sailor John Marples. Infamous sailor Randy Smyth. And shipwreck survivor-adventurer John Glennie.

There are others too.

Now, do you think it might be fun to listen in on their conversation? You bet. After all, these guys have decades of multihull knowledge inside of them. Wouldn’t it be cool to tap into some of that?

Decades of Multihull Lore in One Great Collection

You now have a chance to discover decades’ worth of multihull wisdom as it rolls from the lips of both famous (and not-so-famous) multihullers from around the world.

You see …

It’s been Jim Brown’s desire to somehow collect and preserve what has been going on with multihulls throughout the years. He loves referring to it as THE LORE.

It’s a huge challenge, though, to collect gather great information in print — especially with failing eyesight. So there had to be another way!

And then, an idea was born…

Why not conduct interviews and recordings featuring Jim Brown and other multihullers?

In doing so, he’d be able to verbally share from his treasure trove of knowledge, experience and decades of accumulated wisdom! This could be recorded on audio, for many others to enjoy right now … and for posterity.

And that’s what we did!

Historic, One-of-a-Kind, Multihull Audio Recordings

Following here is a brief description of what you’re going to be able to learn, which is included in this series entitled, “Multihull Conversations with Jim brown.” And I have to be honest with you, it’s pretty neat. I got to listen in as these historic multihull conversations were being recorded.

Talk about fun!

But what is really cool is that these conversations are totally unique and all geared to us guys who love multihulls …

These are authentic conversations between experienced multihullers … the sort of genuine “back-and-forth” stuff that aficionados normally share with each other at the end of the day.

You know what I’m talking about. The timely thoughts and wisdom shared after a nice long day of sailing … or working on your boat out in the shop. Afterwards, with a cold one in hand, it’s time to sit down and share thoughts with one another.

And then … it happens.

A real gem (or two) of know-how is shared between friends. A nugget of truth is given away. A pearl of multihull wisdom is revealed. There’s a lot of fun and laughter in between too.

As this stuff goes on, you realize you’re a part of a community – one where individuals share a passion for multihulled boats. And other guys just don’t get it!

Here are a few comments from guys who are enjoying these audios …

Here is another unsolicited testimonial from Ken …
“Hello from a big fan on the west coast. Let me say: I LOVE the series. I devour each one and get more out of ’em with repeat listenings. All the people Jim is talking to (Dick Newick, the Gougeons, Chris White, John Marples, etc.) are heroes and have been big inspirations of mine for most of my life.

Loved hearing about Barry Choy and his dad, and CSK. I had no idea that the S stood for Warren Seaman. I owned a Malibu Outrigger, #568, but knew nothing else about Warren. And I have to also tell you I was fascinated by your interview with Mike Eaton about the Malibu … how he sailed ’em to Catalina and even on the Ensenada Race!? Man, that’s amazing; I broke something on mine almost every time I took it out in the ocean! Usually the stubby; I was de-masted off Huntington Beach and also off of Avila Beach (near San Luis Obispo). My years with the Malibu usually involved sailing one day and working on it for two months! But I loved the boat; took it with me when I moved to southern Illinois and sailed it almost daily on Crab Orchard Lake for months at a time without problems, in 1972-3, before returning to southern California.

What I enjoy most is Jim Brown himself. Listening to him puts me in mind of another of my lifelong heroes: Pete Seeger. Like Pete (who, of course, is also a sailor), there is the absolute ring of truth in everything he says, as he offers up the wisdom of a lifetime of doing what he loves, unpretentiously and with humor and affection.

Looking forward to enjoying the series as long as it runs. Best wishes and fair winds!”
— Ken Borgers

“Thanks for publishing the lore. I know one of the reasons I love my multihull is that it’s a piece of a dramatic period in our history as a country and as a species. During a particular period in the 20th century a bunch of non-traditional engineers and tinkerers started thinking quite differently about the traditional craft of boatbuilding, and about the conventions of society. If boats are species, as Jim said in that wonderful interview, then these guys jumped right out of the western tradition, grabbed some principles from a totally different genus (aircraft) and invented a hybrid vessel with hybrid vigor.

I’ll never have the wherewithal to own a J-boat, a downeaster, or a Gloucester fishing schooner, but I can own a trimaran, because it was designed for people like me to build, own and sail. That’s a pretty amazing concept in this world of specialized manufacturing, oven-baked carbon fiber raceboats and the growth of the indentured class.

It helps that my wife likes the boat, my kids feel safe on her, and I can outpace trawlers in moderate winds. But a lot of it is about history — so thanks again for expanding and reserving the lore.

I think you have the format just about right — like being in the cabin at anchor while the leaders of the movement revisit the years I missed. The sound quality is better (though it could still improve), and I like the subscription principle — makes me feel like I’m supporting something worthwhile. You’ve focused well on the lore of a particular period, and I’m enjoying the opportunity to move through it. More like a good set of lectures than just a podcast.
— Will Saunders

When you hear Jim Brown speaking to fellow multihullers …

You’re gonna get ideas. You’re gonna get inspired. Your imagination is going to get fed. And once in a while … you’re even going to be blown away by something you hear.

To put it plainly, if you love these craft, then this series of recordings is just for you. When it comes to multihulls, nothing like these audios has ever been published before.

This is the kind of nitty-gritty stuff that knowledgeable guys and experts simply don’t take time to write about. You’re not going to get it in the pages of some book or magazine because it’s just not in there. It has to be captured … in live conversation … on recorded audios.

And that’s what you’ve got here!

You’ll get to hear:

  • Experts in design
  • Experienced sailors
  • World travelers and adventurers
“If you’re a confirmed multihuller (like I am), understanding the differences between cats and tris is really what it’s all about. And you’d have to go a long way to find someone with more info on that topic than Jim Brown.

Jim not only gives us a great sense of the past for multihulls — their history and evolution — but he discusses crucial factors many of us may never have considered: differences in ride, cruising capabilities, handling, and structural stresses. The blue water ‘sea stories’ you’ll hear toward the end of the discussion are especially interesting.”
— Frank Smoot (diy-tris.com)

All while learning valuable, how-to information, as these guys share from their knowledge and experience at sea.

There are stories, of course. Lots of them. You’re going to enjoy authentic and sometimes incredible tales, including voyages, nautical treks and personal adventures around the globe.

32 Totally Unique Audios Packed with
Content You Can’t Hear Anywhere Else…

And keep in mind, this is just a portion of what (and who) you’ll be hearing from …

Jim Brown’s Interview with Legendary Boat Designer Dick Newick & Boat Building Materials Entrepreneur Meade Gougeon

  • An introduction to the incredibly innovative, self-righting 40-foot multihull designed and built by Jan Gougeon (and launched in the summer of 2011) … Dick Newick’s historic trimaran-building project for the nation of Tonga (it’s a lug-rigged schooner, with a payload capability of 6,000 lbs.) … The guy who influenced James Wharram and his famous catamaran designs … Discover the type of wood Dick Newick considers to be the “carbon-fiber material” of 3rd world boat builders (it’s used for building very strong, yet extremely lightweight spars … How & why Dick Newick and Meade Gougeon started designing their own boats … Wood vs. Fiberglass in multihull boat building (circumstances when wood might still be the better option nowadays) … Possible effects multihull racing in the America’s Cup may have on cruising multis

Jim Brown Speaks on the Topic of Cats vs Tris

  • Possible timeline development of catamarans, trimarans & proas (Jim Brown shares his thoughts) … Factors that should be considered when trying to choose one type of multihull over another … Basic differences between cats & tris under sail … What anybody wanting a large multihull should know about buying “building plans” … Why it was easier to build a cruising multihull (and go to sea) back in the 60s and 70s … The greatest area of interest in multihulls today (and why)

Dual Conversation Between Jim Brown & John Marples on the Differences Between Catamarans vs Trimarans

  • Advantages of cruising trimarans … Advantages of cruising catamarans … When a cruising catamaran just makes more sense than a cruising trimaran (factors to consider) … How big cats perform differently than big tris in certain types of seas … How structural differences affect the sailing performance of each … Significant weight differences between these 2 types of craft and what it means with regards to safety … Basic engineering differences that both cat and tri owners should know about … Stability differences and threat of capsize (what is the point of “no return”?) … Safe sailing practices for cats and tris at sea

Jim Brown Interviews Multihull Designer & Author Chris White

  • New developments in catamarans (both in design and rigging) … How wooden boats constructed (decades ago) using the Constant Camber method have fared over time … The natural attraction of most cruising multihull sailors to (and commercial demand for) big cats … New type of rigging system that significantly cuts down on the huge size of most rigs currently used on large cats … Circumstances that have resulted in catamaran capsizes (in recent years) … New types of winches coming to market

Jim Brown Interviews Trimaran Sailor Marlene Sassaman

  • Genesis of a dream to circumnavigate the globe (single-handed) … Why a multihull in the first place (as opposed to a monohull?) … Recommended cruising grounds around Florida … Background of the CC 35 cruising trimaran design … Practical tips on preparing for an extended cruise … Observations about realistic pursuits of sailing dreams

Jim Brown Interviews Multihull Designer & Longtime Sailor Barry Choy

  • Influence of Hawaiians Woody Brown & Rudy Choy on modern multihulls … Development of catamarans as ideal craft for travel/tour operations … Why wing clearance is fundamentally important for big cats … Mixing practical theory and practical application in modern multihull design … Adapting monohull tactics and control systems to multihulls … How “motor-sailing” with a diesel engine on a catamaran can be extremely fuel-efficient

Jim Brown Talks About the Idea of Modern Seasteading

  • What makes the idea of sea-steading attractive to some sailors today … The mindset of a “sea-steader” … How sea-steaders (decades ago) built economy (i.e., frugality) into their global travels & lifestyle … The big benefits of sea-steading in cross-cultural environments … What type of person should never consider sea-steading as a possible lifestyle choice … The secret motivation behind a lot of multihull cruising today (and years ago) … The personification of a successful sea-steader (and how he can be emulated today)

Jim Brown & John Marples Talk About the Mindset of Going Multihull Cruising (Affordably)

  • Embracing the idea of multihull cruising without having a lot of money saved up first … Practical advice on GPS navigation and charts … Behavior traits that keep many sailors from enjoying a dynamic cross-cultural cruising experience … Modern pieces of equipment that are (for the most part) unnecessary for cruising … How to avoid getting stuck in a “Pacific High” (and how to make the best of it when there is absolutely no wind) … How to get around using refrigeration, water-maker, elaborate electrical system and other “modern inconveniences” on your cruising multihull

Jim Brown Interviews Former Olympic Sailor & Sail Designer Randy Smyth

  • Growing up with the freedom to sail and experience outdoor adventures … Acquiring “boat preparation” skills at an early age … How Randy found a paying career early in life … What it’s like to design and sail a small trimaran in the Everglades Challenge … What the most important advancement has been in modern sailing (and why it impacts the performance of multihulls so much) … The Wow Factor: Ultimate practice-sessions while training for sail races … Wild sailing and making memories in French Polynesia (and other Pacific Islands too) … Stories, more stories — and living a life of adventure

Jim Brown Interviews Famous Multihull Sailor & Adventurer John Glennie

  • Yearning for a pacific-island/sailing adventure … Multihull boatbuilding on laborer’s wages … 2 brothers learning how to sail (through trial & error, surviving storms and getting hit by whales – at sea) … Slammed by a 50-foot wall of water while cruising in the Roaring 40s, in a self-built Piver trimaran (and living to tell about it) … Taking advantage of certain inherent sea-keeping properties of multihulls as a lifestyle choice … Traveling throughout the Pacific and eventually into Canada (often in places where no multihull had ever been before) … In search of the next “island of adventure” … How to “go to sea” and live “the cruising life” (on a shoe-string budget) …

How is that for starters?

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Warm Regards,
Joe Farinaccio

PS – Here is one more kind comment sent to me by one of our audio subscribers …

“I really enjoyed listening to the audio interviews in the MULTIHULL CONVERSATIONS WITH JIM BROWN series. They are full of multihull (sailing) history, great sea stories, and intriguing conversations with the Giants of the multihull movement/community. In particular, I was amazed to learn about the variety of racing and sailing innovation that Randy Smyth has been involved with during his legendary career.

Honestly, at first, I had my doubts that the avg. multihull sailor would be interested in listening to an audio interview that was 1-1.5 hours in length. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. I have always enjoyed gabbing with Jim and listening to his stories in person. I just wasn’t sure how the whole audio-only-format would go over. However, once I started listening, I was completely drawn into the conversations.”
— Erik Cofer