Announcing Jim Brown’s Outrig “Capercast” … a new podcast of modern nautical lore.

Jim Brown, multihull pioneer and historian, presents stories of today’s seafaring watercraft, their creators and their crews. These sea stories and interviews tell of the design, construction and seamanship for many modern vessel types, recreational and commercial, multihull and monohull, power and sail. Included are accounts of epic voyages, castaway survivors, swashbuckling characters, family cruises, racing triumphs, cultural setbacks, technical breakthroughs, and the “seasteading” lifestyle.

Brown says, “Since World War Two, the emergence of truly modern, lightweight vessels constitutes a sea change in marine architecture that may well persist for generations to come. Because modern seafaring has advanced so fast, and yet history often neglects its oral heritage, now is the time for us to gather and share this legacy.”

Free access at and on iTunes.

Listen to Jim’s audio introduction of this new podcast by using either the audio bar below … or by clicking on the NAUTICAL LORE image (also below).

Introducing the Nautical Lore Capercast with Jim Brown