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OutRigMedia.com is a media-filled enhancement of Jim Brown’s website at OutRig.org, which is a part of Jim’s, “OutRig Project.”

This unique multihull information exists in keeping with Jim’s goals of compiling, preserving and sharing what he often refers to as “The Lore” in multihull history — especially during the 20th century. This has resulted in a wonderful little collection of timeless stories, little-known truths and still-practical information for every multihull lover.

Whether you’re attracted to catamarans, trimarans or proas, this site is made for you! We know it’s not perfect. But we surely have fun doing it šŸ™‚

The following is taken from Jim’s author’s bio inside both volumes of his memoirs entitled, “Among the Multihulls,” which you can find out more about on this website.

Multihull Pioneer Jim Brown ā€“ (Photo courtesy of Gene Bjerke)

James W. Brown, marine architect, multihull pioneer, builder, sailor, teacher, author.

In the 1950sā€”
Helped build the first large molded fiberglass boats in the U.S. Built the first modern cruising trimaran and sailed it on a 2,000-mile ocean voyage with bride Jo Anna.

In the 1960sā€”
Designed the SEARUNNER Series of ocean cruising trimaran sailboats for amateur building. These designs attracted some 1,600 builders worldwide; several have completed world cruises.

In the 1970sā€”
Sailed the coasts of Central and South America with family. Wrote The Case for the Cruising Trimaran published by International Marine, which sold 11,000 copies. Developed and patented the “Constant Camber” method of producing compound-curved plywood modular boat components.

In the 1980sā€”
Transferred Constant Camber technology to peasant fishermen in several remote locations in Africa, The Philippines, and the Central Pacific Islands where it is now used to produce sophisticated working watercraft for fishing and transportation. Wrote often for the yachting press. Personal trimaran SCRIMSHAW selected by the editors of Sail as among “The 100 Greatest Sailing Yachts in North America.” Taught wood-epoxy technology at the WoodenBoat School.

In the 1990sā€”
Inducted into the Cruising World Hall of Fame. Guest lecturer at Mystic Seaport on yachting history and at University of North Carolina for architectural seminars. Designed small multihulls for mass production in rotomolded polyethylene, thousands sold for rental and expedition service. Voyaged to Cuba. Designed several large catamaran excursion craft built with Constant Camber and certified by U.S. Coast Guard for carrying passengers on offshore routes.

In the 2000sā€”
Recipient, award for outstanding achievement, New England Multihull Association. Co-founder, the OUTRIG! Project, “to collect, preserve and disseminate the history and lore of modern seafaring.” Seventy-five years old (2008), two grown sons (both boat designers and builders). Writes, sails, kayaks, and resides with Jo Anna, wife of forty-nine years, in rural Tidewater Virginia.